Installation and usage instructions for the Drip Irrigation Kit

Drip Irrigation Kit is a professional irrigation equipment that allows you to assemble and customize your own irrigation system kit, according to your needs and preferences. It contains various irrigation accessories, such as hoses, faucet connectors, drippers, sprayers, etc., you can design and install your irrigation according to your plants and areas.

Garden 1/4 Drip Irrigation System,Water all your plants at one time.

The installation of the irrigation kit is very simple
1、Connect the 1 / 4 tubing to the hose connector
2、Connect the 1 / 4 tubing to the hose connector
3、Connect the hose connector to the faucet
4、Cut the 1 / 4 tubing according to your need
5、Connect the 3-way barbed tee and mister nozzle ( Please install the tubing completely on the nozzle )
6、Water your plants every day automatically ( need a timer NOT INCLUDED )When you are on a business trip or during your travel.
6、After installing Watering Equipment, all you need to do is turn on the tap when you need


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