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What is cosysmartshop?
Our Story

COSY SMART brings more intelligent convenience experience to your home environment.
COSY SMART is an e-commerce company that focuses on the smart home field. We are committed to developing and providing high-quality smart home products, including yard valves, yard smart irrigation products. Our products use the most advanced technology and the highest quality materials to create a more convenient, energy-saving and intelligent home living experience for our customers. Our team has rich technical background and innovative thinking, dedicated to helping customers create a better home environment.

COSYSMART’s vision is to become a global leader in smart home products and services, creating a more comfortable, convenient, and intelligent home living environment for users.

COSYSMART’s team consists of a group of professionals with rich technical background and innovative thinking. We have outstanding talents from different fields and countries, who have deep experience and passion in the smart home field. We are committed to providing users with the best quality products and services, constantly learning and improving, pursuing excellence.

COSYSMART’s service is based on user’s needs and satisfaction, providing a comprehensive smart home solution. We offer a fast and convenient online shopping platform, a secure and reliable logistics and delivery system, a professional and attentive after-sales service team, as well as a rich and diverse smart home knowledge and skills. We hope that through our service, users can enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by smart home.

New Customers
New Customer Registration

Create a new customer account by clicking here.

During the registration process, our system generates a password and sends it to you via email.If you have not received the system generated password email, please check your spam folder or contact us.

Once you have completed the registration process, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. If you do not receive a confirmation of registration email, please check your spam folder or contact us.

Please ensure that your email address is correct.

You have the option of creating a guest account. When selecting this option, you’ll need to enter all your details for each new order you place, as your details are not saved in our system. A guest account cannot sign up for our newsletters, i.e. is unable to take advantage of the promotions running when an order is placed. A customer registered as a guest is unable to benefit from all the account advantages that a registered customer has.

Guest accounts are unable to view the status of an order. The tracking code is sent once-off to the email address provided.

If you placed an order using a guest account and change your account from a guest account to a registered customer account, this can be done by registering as a new customer on our website or by contacting our Customer Support Team. We will be happy to change your guest account into a normal customer account.

Please ensure that the email address provided is correct! If not, you will not receive any information regarding the delivery of your parcel.

How to use My Account
My Account

“My Account” allows you to: 

  • edit your details
  • view your recent orders
  • manage your shipping and billing addresses
  • modify your password

“My Orders” allows you to view all your previous orders. Here you can follow the progress of your orders and view their details.

Please note that the address you select cannot be modified via your account once an order has been packed. If a delivery address needs to be modified once an order is completed, we kindly ask that you contact our Customer Service Team.

Your billing address can be modified under “My Account” before placing an order.

Please note that your billing address cannot be modified under “My Account” once an order has been completed. To change your billing address, please contact our Customer Service Team.

You have the option of modifying your email address and password under My Account. To modify your email address, simply edit your personal information in your account overview. Your password can be modified by clicking on “My Account” followed by clicking on the “Change Password” link in the menu bar. 

Placing an Order
Order Status

Once an order has been placed, its status can be viewed in your account. Modifications can only be made to the order if it has not been packed yet.

Awaiting payment: The payment has not reached our account yet. Order modifications can still be made at this stage. A payment reminder will be sent to your e-mail address once a week for four weeks. If the payment has not reached our account by the end of this period, the order will automatically be deactivated. Should the payment reach our account after this period, the order can still be reactivated.

Ready for dispatch: The order has been placed, but has not been processed yet. Modifications can still be made to your order.

Currently being packed: The order is currently being packed or may be underway to the selected delivery service. Modifications are no longer possible at this stage.

Dispatched: The order has been dispatched.

Cancelled: The order has been cancelled.

Placing an order is easy!

Use our search bar or navigation tools to locate the products you’re looking for. Select the colour, size, flavour and/or quantity of products you want, then simply click the “Add to Basket” button.

When you have selected all the products you’d like to order, go to the top right-hand menu bar and click on “My Basket”. Here you can modify the quantities of items added or delete them from your basket. When you are satisfied with your selection of products, proceed to checkout. If you are a registered customer, simply enter your login details. New customers can also easily create a customer account.

Next you’ll be directed to the Delivery Address page where you can add or select a delivery address. Click on the “Continue” button, then select your preferred method of payment. In the next step, you can choose between shipping companies and opt for a gift box and/or greeting card, if you wish. Once these steps have been completed, you can review, then place your order.

Once the order has been placed, an order confirmation email will be sent to your email address displaying the order details. Your order will be processed as soon as possible after it is placed.

    Pay quickly and securely using your paypal.

Problems with your Order
I Have Not Received An Order Confirmation Email

Always check your spam folder first. Oftentimes, the order confirmation email lands up in the spam folder due to the email settings. 

If you do not receive an order confirmation email immediately after an order has been placed, the email address may have been entered incorrectly or the order process was not completed successfully. 

In such cases, we ask that you contact our Customer Service

Modifying an Order

Modifications need to be processed by our Customer Service Team. As long as your order has not been assembled for dispatch, modifications and cancellations can be processed quickly and easily.

We do our best to fulfil your requests. Modifications and cancellations cannot be processed once a package has been assembled for dispatch or shipped.

If the parcel is not assembled or shipped, the order will be blocked until the desired modifications are conveyed by the customer.

Please note that any product cancellations within any one order may incur additional delivery fees if the total order value is not eligible to free delivery.

If the package is out for delivery, the order must be returned to our warehouse before any modifications or cancellations can be processed.

In order to process any modifications in a timely manner, we kindly ask that these changes or cancellation requests are conveyed in the first email correspondence that includes the following information:

First name & surname
Order number
Modification or cancellation requests (items number, colour, etc. are required when adding products to an order)
If you would like to cancel the entire order after the payment has been received by our Finance Department, please state whether you would like the refund in form of a transfer Paypal.

Should you opt to add an additional product to your order, please let us know which payment method you would like to use in order to settle the additional costs.

Please contact our Customer Service to amend changes that need to be made to your billing address. If your package has been dispatched, the selected carrier will be notified of the changes. However, we cannot guarantee that the package will be delivered to the amended delivery address.

Under “My Orders” you will find an overview of your previous orders. Track the progress of your order and retrieve any specific details regarding these orders.

Once an order is dispatched from our warehouse, a confirmation of dispatch email is sent to the email address provided. The confirmation of dispatch email also contains the tracking code assigned to your package.

The order may have been dispatched using a partial delivery method. This information will be stated on the invoice received.

If this is not the case, an error may have occurred. Please do contact us as soon as possible.

Contact | COSY SMART (cosysmartshop.com)

Shipping & Tracking
Do you ship internationally?

We’re happy to offer FREE worldwide shipping to most countries on orders over USD69.9 (excluding taxes, duties, and international processing). For details on shipping costs, please check shipping for your location.

Depending on where you are, orders may take 5-30 days to arrive. For details on delivery time, please check shipping for your location.

When your order is processed it will be assigned a tracking number. Tracking information will be updated by the carrier once they are in possession of your order, this can take up to 12 hours to update. You will receive a shipping notification when your order has been processed.

If the email failed to find you, please contact us at Ling@cosysmartshop.com to check your pack age status.

Installation issue
There is a very small gap between the timer inlet and my faucet Is the specification wrong or is it a defect?
Kindly note there would be a small different for different factories even the same specification. Hence, we sincerely suggest you can wrap some teflon taps on the faucet before installation. For more support, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

We really care about this issue. There may be four reasons for this. Water hammer. To avoid water hammer damage, we sincerely suggest that you install the timer vertically. Vertical installation can greatly reduce water hammer damage. B. Incorrect specifications. Please note that even with the same specifications, different factories will have slight differences. Therefore, we sincerely suggest that you wrap some PTFE tape on the faucet before installation. C. It may fall off the faucet due to excessive water pressure or loose installation. To avoid this situation, you can check whether the connection between the faucet and the timer is tight and whether there is water leakage or looseness. You can also choose a timer that suits your water pressure range, or add a pressure-reducing valve between the faucet and the timer to reduce the water pressure. D. It may be damaged by exposure to sunlight or a cold environment for a long time, causing internal parts to loosen or break, and then fall off. To extend the life of the timer, you can avoid placing the timer in direct sunlight or low-temperature places, or use a waterproof and dustproof protective box to cover the timer. We sincerely suggest that you wrap some PTFE tape on the faucet to make the connection tight. If you need more support, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

If your water faucet is very low and it is unable for you to install the timer, maybe you can try to use a soft hose to install on the faucet before you install the timer.

My value cannot be turn on . No water comes our through the valve. Is it a defect?

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

For the valve might be stuck for some reason/shipping/long storage. Would you please try 5-10 times manual watering to check if it can work well.

Steps for one time manual watering:
1. Keep the tap turned off and turn the timer dial to ON;
2. Press and hold OK button for 3-5 sec enter manual mode;
3. Click OK button to open the valve;
4. few seconds later turn the dial to OFF to turn off the valve.Valve stuck issue can easily solved if you can manual turn it on and off for multiple times. Please have a try.

If not, please contact our customer service team for further support.

Sorry for the bother. Please check if the filter and hose gets stuck by particles. If yes, please clean the filter or exchange it to a new one.

You can check it as below steps.
1. Check If water comes out with strong flow if the water faucet attached nothing. If not, the water pressure is low for your water faucet.
2. Check If water comes out with strong flow after attach the timer (no hose). If not, something stuck inside the timer or the filter is stuck. Please clean the filter and the timer.
3. Check If water comes out with strong flow after attached hose on the timer outlet. If not, your hose reduce the water flow or the hose get stuck by something inside.
If your problem cannot be solve, please contact our customer service team for further support.

Water leaks from the thread after installatio.

For this issue, first of all, please check if your timer connect to the faucet tightly. Normally, if there is a small gap between the timer and faucet, it is easily to cause leaking issue.

Secondly, please check if the thread is damaged.There is no doubt that damaged thread will cause the leaking issue.

Thirdly, please check if the filter and seal ring is in good condition and in right position. The filter is very important for sealing. If the filter is damaged or missed, it is easily cause leaking issue. If the filter and seal ring are good and in right position, please wrap some teflon taps on the water faucet to check again.

If the leaking issue still exit, please take some photos to show the leaking issue and send to ling@cosysmartshop.com. Our customer service team will offer further support for it.

Sorry for the bother. Normally, if the outside temperature is different from the inner temperature of the screen, it will easily have frogs inside the screen. But the frogs will be disappeared when the temperature is the same or gets very close. But if there is a lot of water inside your screen and cause the blank screen issue, please take some photos to show the issue and send toling@cosysmartshop.com. Our customer service team will offer further support for it.

We have reported this issue to our technical and they are testing if there is a new mold helps. I am sure in the no long future, we can figure out this issue.

We are so sorry for bother. It sounds like the inner mold is damaged. This issue happens sometimes during the shipping or the timer was hit. please take some photos to show the issue and send to ling@cosysmartshop.com. Our customer service team will offer further support for it.

For this issue, it might be caused by two seasons.

First of all, it might cause by the valve issue. If the valve get stuck by some reason and do not close in good position. The water will leaks out from the outlet. To solve this issue, please try multiple manual watering to make the valve in good position.
The other reason for outlet leaking might be the connection between the outlet and hose is not tight enough. If there is a small between the outlet and hose, it cause leaking issue too.

Is it possible for me to set for a smart watering delay plan ?

You can set a smart rain delay for your timer. It is a smart timer.
Before you set a smart rain delay for the timer, you need to make sure the location of your home is correct. Otherwise, the app cannot get the right weather forecast.

1. Click the Settings button and click when the weather changes.
2.Choose weather and rainy
3.Tap next and run the device
4.Choose the timer you want for rain delay and choose watering delay duration.
Save your setting and you are good with the smart rain delay.

1. Low battery level: If your product displays a low battery indicator, it will no longer turn on irrigation function. You need to replace the battery with a new one in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the product.

2. Program setting error: If your product has set incorrect parameters such as irrigation time, frequency, and area, it will not be able to irrigate as you expected. You need to check and reset your program to ensure that each parameter is correct.

3. Insufficient water pressure: If your faucet or water pipe is blocked or leaking, it will affect the water pressure, causing the product to not be able to turn on or off the irrigation function normally. You need to clean or replace your faucet or water pipe to ensure sufficient water pressure.

4. Product damage: If your product experiences mechanical or electronic malfunctions, it will not function properly.please take some photos to show the issue and send to ling@cosysmartshop.com. Our customer service team will offer further support for it.

Your timer lower my water pressure . I have no enough water for my full lawn.

Kindly note it is a common issue that the time lower down a certain part of water pressure for the whole industry. Currently, our timer will reduce around 18% We are now doing tests about how to change the mold and is it possible to do better for the new mold.

To make the timer work as good as they could, we suggest:
1. Do not use hose splitter.
2.Do not make the hose too long.
3.Please make sure the water flow is between 0.5-8 BARWe would highly appreciate if you can share your idea about how the make the water flow owrs better.

To better analyse your issue, would you please check if the filter and hose first? If the filter is stuck by particles, the water flow will be small. And we sincerely hope you can do a test to find out whether it is the timer issue or the hose issue.

Please do it as below
1. The water flow of the water tap without any timer.
2.The water flow with our timer installed on the water tap without any hose.

My batteries drains out very fast . I need to change them very often . Is itnormal

Kindly note we only suggest to use brand new dry alkaline batteries. We do not suggest to use carbon or rechargeable batteries. Neither suggest to mix using old and new batteries. Would you please exchange batteries to brand new dry alkaline batteries and check for the batteries life span? If the problem cannot be solved even you do it as suggestion, please email to ling@cosysmartshop.com for further support.


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